Client feedback

Educational establishments

The Royal Institute of British Architects Eastern Region in association with The University of Cambridge Department of Architecture.


"Thank you very much for coming to Cambridge and training for us on the CPD for Architects course. I was extremely pleased with the event and your excellent presentation. The feedback from the delegates is that they found the two days very informative and enjoyable and full of praise for your enthusiasm and art of communication".

Architectural Practices

Adam Richards Architects.


"I just wanted to thank you for the training day at our offices a couple of weeks ago.   It was really useful, and I have been trying to correct my bad habits.   I've set up new templates for our office (without 'snap to grid'!), and I've been exploring some of the tools that I had previously avoided.

Thank you for your time and expertise".

Adrian James Architects.


"Chris, many thanks - we may well come back for more!".

Barroll Webber Architects and Interior Designers.


"Dear Chris, Thank you very much for coming to the office on Tuesday to train Ian and me on the VectorWorks programme. I found your calm, thorough and patient approach extremely helpful and - much to my surprise - I now actually feel excited about practising, and have set myself a 'homework' task for the weekend! I am certain that we will need another session and once I am more familiar with the system I will give you a ring to arrange a date".

Bramhall Blenkharn Architecture Design Landscape.


Training arranged by Armco IT Consulting Ltd. "Many thanks for all you training at BBA. All at BBA have been pleased with the delivery and of course yourself. Best wishes".

Denton Corker Marshall architecture and urban design.


"Thanks for your good work today".

Forward Architecture.

"Chris, many thanks for an excellent days training, we look forward to the follow up session(s)".

Gus Alexander Architects.


"Thank you very much. Very helpful".

Lloyd Sheppard Architects.

"Many thanks for a day well spent! I will give you a call to fix up a day in our studios in a couple of weeks time".

Louise Crossman Architects.


"Many thanks Chris. We had some very positive feedback from your trainees!".

Perring Architecture and Design.


"Dear Chris, Thank you so much for such great training last week - we learnt so much in a very short space of time and can't wait to put it into practice. Using the shortcuts will definitely speed things up and I am just about to have a go at doing a 3D model of the house - so may be on the phone soon! Many thanks and best wishes".

Plowman Brown Architects.

"Thank you for the two amazingly clear and informative days training - can't wait to practise now...! I`m sure we'll be in touch soon to see about an update, and we'll definitely recommend you to others".

In February 2008 Agate Short Architects and Plowman Brown Architects announced the merger of their practices to form:-

Project 5 Architecture.


Tuke Manton Architects.


"Thank you for the training that you gave Brian Pinney and myself last week. We both thought you went about it very well, and speaking for myself, you certainly succeeded in de-mystifying the whole concept of MiniCad in a way that no-one else had before!".

Sacks Maguire Architects.

"Damian and Clive found your help invaluable. Many Thanks. I look forward to seeing you next month".

Samuel-Camps Associates, Design and Planning Consultants.

"I would just like to say how pleased we were with the training. Certainly Dave and Matthew found it very useful. I must confess that I haven't been as diligent on the computer as I should have been but hopefully when I get a bit more time I will be picking up speed on it and probably asking you to come down and give me another session!".

Interior design practices

Adderley Barker Design.


"Chris, a quick note to say thanks for the training last week - hard work but very enjoyable".

Casson Mann Designers.


"Dear Chris, Many thanks for an excellent day .... I realise it might have been a bit disconcerting to have such a range of questions from all sorts of levels, but we all definitely feel more on the road to making this office a little more organised!".

Designers Guild.


"Chris, Happy New Year - and thank you. Phil very much enjoyed the day and found it very useful. Kind regards".

Grosvenor Interiors.


"I Just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the excellent training session on Monday. My head was very full as I drove home on Monday evening!

As expected, I have had very little opportunity to spend any time practising what we went through, but my head is now starting to sort it all out and make sense of it all at least!

I thought I would send you through my first tentative rendition of the parent bed design we looked at when you were here. I made use of the shell solid tool for the drawers".

"Hi Chris, It was good to speak with you briefly today. I am keen at some point to get you back here for another day - possibly to look at Artlantis (lighting).

I have attached the conceptual drawings that I produced for TCT and Kerrang of the 'Lego' guitar FYI"

Image of 3D model - Lego Les Paul - Initial thoughts.

Image of 3D model - Lego Les Paul - Artlantis render.

Lego Les Paul guitar modelled in VectorWorks. Upper image rendered using VectorWorks. Lower image rendered using Artlantis.

Kianfar Revell Interior Design.


"I would just like to say thanks once again for last week. We found it immensely helpful and we will be booking you in again soon! Also, thanks for the contact at Pinewood Studios. I will let you know what happens".

Yasmin Chopin Interior Design.


"I have designed a spiral staircase now after much trial and error. I think you have to go through a bit of pain with these programmes but your help has been invaluable. Thank you so much for being such a good teacher! I will be in touch soon".

Landscape designers


"Chris, Many thanks for the two days training, I feel ready to take on the world now!".

At the time of training, trainee worked for:-

Architecture Limited.


Eden Landscape Design.


"Dear Chris, Thank you for a very professional and informative two days training. You really helped me get an understanding of VectorWorks and I am already using what I have learnt to good effect. I look forward to our next meeting where you will hopefully unravel 3D for me. Many thanks".

Ginkgo Gardens.


"Many thanks Chris. I really enjoyed the training sessions and would not hesitate to return if possible. You were very thorough and I am confident that I will soon pick up Vectorworks. I would be happy to recommend your services to anyone, great value for money".

Stuart Craine Design


"Dear Chris, I'd just like to say thank you for your training and patience. I finally feel that I have come to terms with VectorWorks - especially with Layers, Classes, and Viewports, and how and why one should use them to organise a drawing".

Structural engineers

Stanza Consulting.


"The Engineers have already begun to develop their new skills. On behalf of all of them I would like to thank you for an excellent and professionally delivered training course - hard work but very enjoyable. Should any further training be needed I will, of course, be in touch".

Design students

Amanda Shalfoon.

"Dear Chris, Thanks for the great training day on VectorWorks. Your reference sheets have been an invaluable aid for practising. Kind regards".

Amy Sutherland, University of North London.

"I wholly enjoyed the training session on Tuesday and have benefited immensely. Thank you. I will recommend you to my peers".

Matthew Evans, Architecture and Interior Design, University of Brighton.

"Thank you for the training. Altogether a very enjoyable and satisfying experience".

Tal Bar.

"Dear Chris, First harvest ........

Image of 3D model created after two days 3D training.

Thank you for the very professional and coherent two days of training. I still have a long way to go, but I'm very pleased to arrive at this level in such a short time. Best regards".

Vanessa Paldano, London Metropolitan University.

"Thank you for the wonderful training! Looking forward to speaking to you soon. Good luck with everything".

Artists and freelance designers

Gary Shelley.

"Dear Chris, I thought your training was excellent and I'm pleased with my new skills - I've since been re-drawing my portfolio".

Will Levi Marshall Architectural Artworks.


"Many thanks for an excellent few days. You have a gift as a communicator of this weird and fun virtual world".