Costs March 2019

Flexible tuition allows you to choose between having training for the full day (you receive 7 hours tuition) or less if you decide the hourly rate option is best.

The hourly rate option is aimed mainly at those wanting to top-up their existing VECTORWORKS skills, but can be used by beginners not wanting to commit to the full 7 hour day session.

11% reduction in costs for Students currently attending full-time college.

Excluding the cost of any necessary travel (normally £8.00 within the Greater London area) weekday charges for 2d or 3d training are as follows:-

ONE to ONE training - STUDENTS.

ONE to TWO training - STUDENTS.



General notes:-

Training is flexible enough to allow you the freedom to have as many hours or days tuition as you require at a time that suits you; however, the following guide should be helpful.

2D TRAINING.   Two to three days training spaced over a number of weeks is normally sufficient for most people to feel confident that they have covered and absorbed what is required.   Often people migrating from other CAD systems need as much training time as do complete beginners.   Where 1 to 1 sessions might require two days training, 1 to 3 sessions may require three days training.   A one day training course is normally taken by those people who already have VectorWorks experience but have recently acquired a newer version, or those people who simply want to hone their existing VectorWorks skills.

3D TRAINING.   Should be considered by those already fairly confident with their 2d VectorWorks skills.  In such cases it would normally take just one day ( 1 to 1 training) to get up and running in VectorWorks 3d.